Happy Thanksgiving: what are you thankful for?

Good night Inmorealityfriends,

In this special day, we are thankful for so many things, we don't know even where to start, so many people has helped us making us greater everyday.

We want to thank:

-My father, who has teached me everything I know about the real estate business and my mother for her unconditonal support.

-Fran Pallejá, who opened us the way to Open Future.

-Open Future and Telefónica for given us the chance to be part of their Mentorship Program and the coworking they run, specially to Inés Oliveira, Cristina Pindado and Julian Budía.

-Startup Weekend Organization and the fantastic entrepreneurs we have met there, we cannot name you all, but you know who you are.

-Emilio Froján, business Developer at Impact Hub Madrid, for his constant advices and invitations to events.

-María Matos, who invited us to be interviewed in Intereconomía TV.

-We cannot forget Cristina Guzmán, Isabel Prieto and Ana María Mesa from CUNEF, who elaborated our Business Plan, neither we cannot fail to remember our dear interns Agueda Arias and Isabel Ruiz.

-Special mention also to our new partners in crime, the Carbó Brothers, Álvaro and Borja, and obviously to the ones from the very beginning Javi, Jaime, Chamer y Marta. Also thanks to former partners who have chosen different paths, for the contribution they made while they were part of the team Alex, Jose Daniel and Javi.

-Last but not least, to Wilhelm Lappe and EOI, which has trusted us and given us the opportunity to initiate our adventure abroad going to Berlin. Special acknowledgment also to David Macias, a marketing master and great new friend with whom I'm sharing this german adventure.

We wouldn't be the same if it wasn´t for them, we have learned so much, and we want to keep doing it. The best lesson the startup ecosystem has given us (so far) is that: "Together we grow stronger".

Thank you, thank you and thousand times thank you!

What are you thankful for?



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